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People’s Hands Cure Disease, Pain, Just By Touching

first of all people’s hands with the energy flowing out of the palms will raise the frequency and when you place those hands on yourself are on another person it is a science law:

  1.  when the frequency is raised the pain disappears
  2.  low vibrational frequency opens the door for bacteria and energy blockages to enter the body
  3.  health and well-being are natural to humans along with the higher energy
  4.  it is a very mechanical process
    1.  the hands have a vortex that emits God force energy
    2.  when  those hands are placed on yourself or another individual it raises the supply of God force energy
    3. the higher the energy  – the more peace, harmony, and joy a person feels
    4.  sickness is low-energy accompanied by energy blockages and pain
    5.  Reiki supplies and adds a large volume of healing energy via the hands
  5.  so you can see that a higher energy flow causes happiness, health, and well-being.hands-on-healing

I heard about people healing others just using their hands and I wanted to do that myself. After going to an introductory class about what is energy healing, how would it work to remove  pain and to clear negative energy blockages I thought I have found a bird nest on the ground. It really is pretty to think amazing that a person just using their hands could alleviate sickness and disease!healing hands

I found a Reiki class and signed up to take my first class and it cost me at least $250.

My teacher was a Reiki Master and she had been running this energy healing, as well, as teaching classes for many years. I noticed since I was just beginning, that I did not feel I had the results that my teacher had. It was sad when I felt I didn’t have the abilities she said I was supposed to have. My teacher told me that I must take the additional classes if I want to be like her and run that high-energy through my hands to heal myself and to heal others.

Well, two years later… after I completed that, I still couldn’t get the results I  thought I was supposed too have!

My teacher encouraged me to complete my training and…  She told me that if I completed the NEXT level, I will finally get more results I was supposed to obtain…


Fortunately, I’m Kind Of a Person Who Refuses To Give Up no matter what is happening! I went within and talked to my spirit. I was then guided on the correct healing path for me. You cannot take someone else’s advice Even though they are trying their best, because you have the best inner guidance system within you. You have the kingdom within you where you go in your meditations and receive exactly what you need for living your outer life to a higher potential.

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

Reiki is an ancient practice of healing the body with Source energy. You do not use any of your own energy.

A good way to start off –  learning to heal yourself and help take away the pain and disease – is taking a free Reiki one certification class at the Reiki Ranch near Chehalis Washington.

Here’s a link to sign up for a free Reiki one certification class
 You might want to read about Reiki in the Northwest Resources Directory

Many Types of Energy Healing Have Been Used

Read more at:

Turn back the aging clock?

Want to turn back the clock of aging? Want to destroy disease in your body?

Reiki training helps you do this and it prepares you to go ahead and move into higher consciousness!

You must make yourself your chief aim and  focus on expanding your consciousness that, too! 

turn back the clock

turn back the clock

What does that mean? If you don’t put yourself out there as an important person – then the universe does not take good care of you.

What if you decide that your body does not have to age?

You can turn back the clock of aging. This reality called life on earth is not set in stone for your body to grow old, to grow sick, and die

All you have to do is to make yourself important in your life. You make your thoughts positive in such a way that you change the programming of growing old and dying the body.  You change the DNA of your body by the thoughts you think.

You are worth it!

We can do this.

We have classes teaching you how to flow Source energy at the Alternative Resources Directory for the NW.

When you are even more connected to the Universe your thoughts are manifested. Yes, your connection To God brings you what you are thinking.

That could be a little scary!  Anything you put your thoughts on expand into a bigger picture.

Why do people think so many negative thoughts that put them down in consciousness?  Why are we not taught the truths  of ” thoughts are things”?  Many great teachers have brought abundance, health, and well-being into their own lives – just by thinking thoughts that are uplifting. So whatever you think about yourself, about life and about others  – may come into being.

What are you thinking? Are you looking around at others, older people in your family, and you are seeing them grow older and older, sicker and sicker and you wonder if this is your destiny too? Remember we manifest the pictures that we hold in our mind. What if you decide to listen to the Masters who are teaching us on the inner channels that we do have control over this virtual reality that we call life on earth?

When you change your mind about growing old it takes a little effort to do this. By changing your mind and reprogramming your thoughts about growing old you are actually rewriting your DNA for eternal youth. In history there has been some people who have reprogrammed their ideas about what age the body will be, what age the body will look like, and have such a conviction that their body does not age.  If your body is already aging then this same conviction could also make your body grow younger.

Why should we come in to this world and to experience the human body that quickly ages and grows old? It doesn’t make sense to have such a short life and it is certainly not too happy for those who have bought into the whole idea – that the body ages and get sick and dies.

You were never born and and you never die –  as the saying goes. What can you really do about your body aging? I would suggest from my own experience and from my own research that the human body responds to thoughts. So what can you do?

  1.  study Reiki

    study Reiki and learn how to use the Law of Attraction to grow younger

    study Reiki and learn how to use the Law of Attraction to grow younger

  2.  study other people who have turned back the tides of aging
  3.  go within and ask for help
  4.  listen to channel entities who have more knowledge such as Kryon on Youtube — for 2016.

If one of us can do this we can all do it. You must make yourself important enough to dedicate the time to learn and turn back the clock.

By Taylore Vance


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How to Empower Yourself For Success

Dear friend,

How to Empower Yourself For Success Today!

Success using Reiki

You can manifest the life you desire when you take Reiki and clear blockages to success.

I know that you have the power to succeed at everything you do right now, this minute?

How do I know this?

You might be surprised at your own power within? Sometimes we need a mentor to guide us!

We all have heard this: “Your thoughts control the actions that create your successes or failures.” …but how do you form the new neuro-pathways to more positive thinking? You need help!

We did! We’ll tell you what helped later… So if your thoughts are the foundation for success, if you spend some time focusing on the type of thoughts that are typically manifested and the ones that create success, you’ll have more tools than before.

Laser Reiki is like being a graduate in the study of manifesting your dreams. LR is so far ahead of the the book The Secret because the practitioners and founders are 100 times more successful (richer in every way – fun, happiness, wealth, health, etc,) than others who have not studied the Law of Attraction and do not know of energy clearing.

Roi and I (Taylore) have been studying what works and passing it on to others for over 10 years.

Just call or email us if you are still alive and want a little more fun of any kind in your life. We’ll keep this short and sweet!

The Reiki Ranch Schedule:

Choose Your Thoughts

Choose Your Thoughts

If you put up posters or post some comments on blogs for our Free Reiki Classes and you take the Reiki Master – the  cost is only $299 ( Reg $799). Past students pay only $100 to retake any Reiki or Laser Reiki course. The energy clearings are priceless  – and you feel good again when you are lighter. Make a commitment to eliminate you bad energy and let us know!

Reiki 1, 2, 3 classes are going to be held every 4 to 6 months.

>>>>>Just go to — to check the latest dates<<<<<

Laser Reiki Uses Cosmic Energy


Reiki Student Training

Students passing Reiki energy healing to a fellow student at the Reiki Ranch training




Research Physicist/Engineer


“There has been a great surge and interest in Alternative Medicine and related Healing Modalities in the past 10 years due to the public’s discontent with the standard, orthodox allopathic medical establishment. The past 5 years have also witnessed an exponential increase in novel Energetic Healing Modalities. Laser Reiki/Cosmic Energetic Healing (LR—CEH) is one of them. (You need no external tools to use Laser Reiki. The tool is your hand and the training given at the Reiki Ranch where Laser Reiki was born. Learn more go to Reiki Healing and Free Thinking.)

Reiki Ranch School Class

The student are passing Reiki energy healing to a fellow student

Our group, UTC Research Group, has been researching the effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) — both natural and man-made, on the neurophysiology of biosystems, particularly humans, and in its incidence on the Healing Process malfunctioning biosystems, both, at the psychological and physiological levels. In 12 years of comprehensive research on all the aspects of the effects of Electromagnetic Fields, we have found in the past 5 years that orthodox medical modalities do not deal, even acknowledge, the effect of EMF on health, illness or the healing processes. It was the monumental research of Professors Robert 0. Becker and Bjorn Nordestrom that inspired us to look deeper into the poorly understood, often misunderstood, Energetic Healing Modalities (EHM), for they seem to address these controversial issues and provide effective and expedient cures/healings and great relief to many men/women that can’t find relief via Orthodox Medical Modalities (OMM).

Finally, our research endeavors have led us to LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING as a unique Energetic Healing Modality that incorporates in its healing protocols all factors and parameters that even other novel EHM do not address or know about their existence. By actually participating in their courses, seminars, workshops, and “hands—on” classes/sessions we have decided to explore the nature, structure, function and scope of this unusual Energetic Healing Modality.Our initial perception is that LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING incorporates in its theory and practices various principles of standard neurophysiology, medicine, metaphysics, psychology, spirituality and Quantum Physics plus Relativity Theory, much to our delight.Therefore, it is through these novel scientific perspectives that we have researched the modus operandi of this unusual modality—LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING. We share our findings with our readers and friends. NAMASTE!


As mentioned above, of the various EHM (Energetic Healing Modalities) we have researched in the past 5 years, we have found LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING to be significantly different from the others we have researched, studied and received instruction in by their key instructors. We can truly say that all of them are excellent in their respective modalities of specialization, from traditional Reiki, to Pranic Energetic Healing, the Reconnection Technique of Dr. Pearl, Shiatsu, Chi Kung and others. All these techniques are wonderful and effective, and we highly recommend the reader to explore them and then decide which one is the most suitable for them.

Cosmic Energy flows out of Laser Reiki practitioner's hands

Cosmic Energy flows out of Laser Reiki practitioner’s hands

What caught our attention about LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING is that this modality deals with areas and conditions in individuals that are considered highly controversial; if not downright “bizarre” like “alien abductions, out?of?body experiences, parallel lifetimes, effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the psyche & body, spirit possessions’, psychic attacks, etc.” True, some of these “symptoms” that certain individuals claim to experience are regarded by orthodox medicine/psychology as “delusions”, and harshly dismissed as non?existent, mere fabrications of over imaginative persons seeking attention or sympathy from others. Unfortunately, our research has confirmed that in the past 7 years, there are many individuals all over the world complaining about these very symptoms & others as well. Furthermore, not only are they treated as “freaks”, but neither physicians nor psychologists have been able to help these individuals and their mental & physical “ailments”.

Fortunately, LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING has been able to deal with these difficult, if not “impossible”, cases, and help those that could not be helped elsewhere. Indeed, hope and healing was obtained by those seeking desperate help to their unusual dilemmas & conditions. That is why we decided to explore this unusual modality and the methodologies used by the mavericks (in the nicest sense) of the Laser Reiki/Cosmic Energetic Healing School in Chehalis, WA.

Our small scientific group, UTC Research Group (UTCRG), has found that latest research in brain neurophysiology, cognitive sciences, information theory, quantum physics, Theory of Relativity and astrophysics can explain many of these “bizarre” symptoms/conditions. Now it is known that CONSCIOUSNESS is not the product of the highly organized/complex brain; but that the brain is a mere transducer/computer of Consciousness, Thought & Subtle Energies that are extrinsic to the Mind?Body Complex, the result of which is EMOTIONS, FEELINGS & ATTITUDES. And, it is these last byproducts of the human psyche — the ones responsible for triggering psychosomatic conditions in the physical body, organically, psychologically or sensorially. Modern eminent medical authorities in the Quantum Healing Paradigm, such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Caroline Myss, Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Richard Gerber, Dr. Bernie Segal, and others, have written extensively on the relationships of Mind, Spirit, Body & Health.

For specific details, the reader is referred to any of the works by these great thinkers, and even though they don’t address directly some of the more “bizarre” conditions/symptoms experienced by persons in our nuclear?cybernetic age, one can extrapolate quite well from their research and works the “hidden variables” in behavior, function/dysfunction of the human psyche and some of modern day human “illnesses.”


Before we discuss some of the techniques and particulars of this novel modality, a suitable definition will encapsulate the nature, structure and function of LASER REIKI- COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING;


Notice the above definition regards the human body, not as a Newtonian? Cartesian machine, but as Quantum-Relativistic Consciousness/Vital Energy Transducer, a Wholistic Entity, in which ENERGY (Vital/Cosmic) informs/governs the BODY (Matter), not vice-versa. This is precisely the Quantum Mechanics view of Consciousness, Energy & Matter — hence the New Quantum Healing Paradigm proposed by Prof. David Bohm (Implicate Order Physics), Prof. Karl Pribram (Holographic Brain/Body) & Dr. Deepak Chopra (Healing is a Quantum Process).

Since Prof. David Bohm’s Quantum Physics postulation included Super Quantum Potential and an Implicate Order in the Universal Chaos, it needed non?local space?time relativistic interactions. Being a “protégé” of Einstein while at Princeton, he was highly influenced by Einstein’s Relativity Theory, and later formulated his famous Hidden Variables Theory, which in simple terms means that not all forces/energies may be “measurable/detected”, yet they still affect matter. In other words, Subtle Energies do indeed exist! But can’t always be measured or detected, and that is the premise that LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING uses in dealing with subtle energies that are beyond the conventional concepts of CHI/PRANA, yet, being more rarefied and subtle, they approach, our concepts of SPIRIT/SOUL and the “dreaded” G-word: “GOD”!

In simple terms, all the above means that LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING takes into account in their healing modalities the various energetic factors that do not follow LINEAR TIME FLOWS, but Quantum-Relativistic non-linear “jumps” in space-time. This could be simultaneous/parallel realities (lives), or factors from previous incarnations(reverse time flow) or potential situations/conditions created in the future(by Consciousness/Attitudes/Emotions)that may be influencing the NOW!

Sounds bizarre or crazy? Why, this is standard stuff with Quantum-Relativistic Physicists! What was considered “science-fiction” 30 years ago has become “standard” scientific fact today in the strange, but wonderful world of the Quantum-Relativistic View of Nature! Isn’t physics great?

Anyway, some folks wondered why the term “Laser Reiki” was used. Well, when consciousness is focused and willfully directed by a powerful pulse of breath, as in Oriental Martial Arts, It delivers a powerful burst of energy — laser-like indeed! In fact, the specialized type of breath used in LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING together with a precise hand motion is reminiscent of Oriental Martial Arts/Japanese-style Katas (Formal Exercises), or more precisely, the Cobra Breathing of Tantrik Yoga’s Fire Breath (Kapalabhati)with hand Mudra/Gesture. It delivers a very powerful burst of concentrated CHI/PRANA, with the intensity of a Laser Beam, hence the name — Laser Reiki.

Laser Reiki Blue beam of healing energy helps thousands recover

Laser Reiki Blue beam of healing energy helps thousands recover

Blue Laser Beam

Finally, combining all the principles of traditional Reiki, Chinese & Hindu Meridian/Nadis (Subtle Energy Channels), Martial Arts, Yoga and Quantum-Relativistic Physics concepts of space-time, non-linear time flows, backwards & forward, and simultaneity of events, including parallel realities, multi-dimensions, and multiplexed realities, some of the most bizarre, strange, even “weird” — experiences described by some individuals can be understood, or at least accepted as plausible and probable by the postulates, techniques, and protocols of the LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING’s unusual modality. And, of course, the critical questions are;” Do these techniques of LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING work?” And the categorical answer, both as a research scientist and participant in many of their workshops, is that they indeed do work, and many times, in very strange ways! Had I not been trained in Quantum Physics and Martial Arts/Yoga, I would have never even considered going to a LASER REIKI – COSMIC ENERGETIC HEALING Seminar/Workshop. But with the background of many years of research in the strangeness of Quantum?Relativistic Physics/Physics of Consciousness, this is “ordinary stuff” for us mavericks of UTC Research Group. But, don’t take our word for it — try it for yourself, and you’ll be as surprised as we were! Very pleasantly surprised, we may add!



P. Gutierrez has a PhD in physics, and has worked in high technology research in solid state, metallurgy, material sciences & quantum physics. He has extensive training in Martial Arts, both hard and soft Chinese & Japanese styles. For the past 10 years he has also done research in the physics of consciousness, metaphysics, and practiced Zen & Taoist meditation as well as Tibetan & Hindu Yogas. His latest research for the past 5 years has been in Energetic Healing Modalities & Jungian Psychology. He is part of Ultra?Tek Concepts Research Group, which specializes in Takyon Protective Devices against Electromagnetic Fields & related factors & products. He is also part of the Leading Edge International Research Group, and can be reached at:

UTC?TTT , P.O. Box 1026, Toledo, WA 98591. See the UTC-TTT Takyon products at or send a #10 S.A.S.E for info on Takyon Products to the above address.

Energy Healing Video

Yes, you can use Cosmic Energy to heal because is is of a higher vibrational frequency.

What is cosmic energy?

Answer: It is Universal energy and is higher than traditional energy healing or traditional Reiki. Of course that depends on the healing master and how much work thay have done on themselves.

Cosmic energy is used for energy healing

Cosmic energy is used for energy healing

How can we tap into the cosmic energy?

Answer: there are classes and workshops at the Reiki Ranch to learn how to flow this remarkable energy.

How are cosmic energy and Reiki related?

Answer: Reiki is a form of Cosmic Energy!

Will exposure to cosmic energy or Reiki heighten your consciousness and personal prosperity?

Answer: Yes, and improve your health  as well. Laser Reiki is quite fast in clearing energy blockages.


Hi Taylore,
Thanks for the Laser Reiki / Cosmic Energy Healing
The process we went through was great!  It was very interesting to feel the energy as we went through the energy healing session.
I have been feeling a little different since our appointment.  I think I may be going through a little bit of detox…have had a cough since last Friday and very broken sleep since then as well.  So, I’m a little tired.
I have felt my heart chakra open up a huge amount since our appointment.  I have a lot more gratitude coming through and sometimes it feels very intense!  Very cool!
I am off to Maui for 12 days…in fact I am writing this email at the airport!
I will be checking emails off and on while I’m away so feel free to email back if you like!
Thanks!  Drea
Energy Healing Training

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Kevin Trudeau

So called secret societies have been around for centuries. Today secret societies are not so secret. Most people have heard of the Bilderberg group, Yale University’s Skull and Bones, the Brotherhood, the Free
Masons, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Bohemian Club, the Young Presidents Organization, or the Council on Foreign Affairs.  There are virtually dozens of these type private member-only groups, clubs, associations, and such societies all around the world. Up until now, membership in these exclusive clubs has been limited to the privileged elite class, members of royalty, and the super wealthy. Those who were lucky enough to be members in these private organizations were given insider, advance, secret knowledge on how to have, be, or do everything they wanted.

Members were given access and networking opportunities with other affluent, powerful and prominent members and had a “members helping other members” promise made to one another. Members were given “first option” and advance knowledge on business, investments, and money making opportunities that the average person never had access to.

The bottom line is members of these groups had an unfair advantage for success.  All members of these groups became rich BECAUSE they were members. Now you are being given the same opportunity that up until now has been reserved for the privileged elite class, the super wealthy and powerful well connected families.

You can now join a worldwide private group that can virtually guarantee your success in life.

In 1999 a famous rich celebrity, extremely successful businessmen, and bestselling author, who had reached the highest level in one such secret society, the brotherhood, decided to leave the group and do the unthinkable. He decided to share the insider secrets that he learned and allowed him to become wealthy, with the world.

No one had ever left the exclusive brotherhood. The majority of billionaires in the world are members of the worldwide brotherhood organization. Its secrets have been closely guarded for centuries. When this wealthy well known individual decided to leave the brotherhood, over 30 other high ranking affluent, influential, and powerful members of other so called secret societies decided to join forces and create a new worldwide group allowing anyone in the world to apply for membership, and if selected, learn the same secrets that the privileged elite class has been using to create wealth, gain power and control, and manifest all their desires.  They also decided to create a brand new never before seen money making opportunity that would allow the average person the ability to make enormous amounts of money fast.

And to allow the average person the ability to make substantial ongoing monthly residual income and create a lifestyle they could only dream about.
Many of you have heard about the book and DVD the “secret” which describes the law of attraction. These are excellent beginning resources providing wonderful and powerful information. The law of attraction is just ONE tool that can be used to create whatever you desire in your life. However, the book
The Secret does not even scratch the surface on how the law of attraction SHOULD be used correctly, and EXACTLY how to use it. Plus, there are many many more secrets well beyond the law of attraction. These are the closely guarded secrets the ultra wealthy and powerful elite class has kept to themselves for centuries. When you learn these secrets YOU TOO can truly have, be or do whatever you desire.

Keep in mind membership in these so called secret societies allowed the vast majority of wealth to be created in the world. With rare exception, people who are not members simply do not generally achieve true wealth and financial freedom. Factually, members have become the wealthiest people in the world.
The Rockefellers, Morgans, Vanderbilts, Rothchilds,  Andrew Carnegie, DuPonts, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, all were or are members  of such secret societies. Many US Presidents, Supreme Court Members, major worldwide Politicians, celebrities, royalty, media moguls, and billionaires from around the globe are all society members. President Bush wrote in his book, “I joined the secret society Skull and Bones in my final year at Yale University, a society so secret , that’s all I can say about it.” Even the CIA was started by Skull and Bones and is today still run behind the scenes by Skull and Bones members.

This is factual and was documented in the movie the Good Shepherd with Matt Damon. America’s founding fathers were all members of various societies and private clubs. There are several good documentaries on worldwide TV that have substantiated the fact that 90% of all the wealth in the world today is controlled by various society members.

Now for the first time in history top level renegade and maverick members of Skull and Bones, the Brotherhood, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Roundtable Group, Bilderberg, Free Masons, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Power Elite, the Bohemian Club,
the Young Presidents Organization, and several other private societies, clubs and associations, have come together to form the Global Information Network.
You now have the chance to be an insider and learn how to make more money than you ever imagined and create the lifestyle you always wanted.

The initiators of the Global Information Network include some of the wealthiest, powerful, and successful people in the world including a former prime minister, a current king and crown prince, members of various royal families, a former president of a major country, generals, billionaires, tycoons,
industrialists, politicians, a current supreme court member, major media moguls, and several celebrities you would know by name.

If you decide to join the Global Information Network and are accepted as member, you will gain the same advantages that the privileged elite have enjoyed exclusively for centuries. You gain access to information and secrets on how to use the law of attraction and more advanced techniques to create the
life you want and manifest all your desires.

You gain access to other prominent affluent successful members from around the world. As members make a pledge to help other members first, this is a huge advantage. Having powerful, influential connections, who you know, is a key element in success.

You will gain access to, and be able to be trained and mentored by, successful powerful people from around the world. This is an advantage you would never have without membership. You simply cannot get this anywhere else.
Members pledge to help other members first. Business deals could be done between members first before the general public even knows about them. Ground floor opportunities, investment opportunities, the ability to raise money, get credit or financing, and raise investment capital for your business ideas, are all benefits you could enjoy.

You also gain the secrets of what goes on inside these secret societies, including knowing what is happening in the world, BEFORE it happens. You will have access to information that has never been published before that can help you achieve wealth, financial freedom, gain power and control in your life,
and be happier and more fulfilled, than ever before. You will learn the secrets to contentment and true inner peace.

The Global Information Network is a foundation, dedicated to helping members achieve their dreams. It has no owners. It was formed by “the group of insiders” that will always remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

This is brand new. It is truly ground floor. It is exclusive and private. Membership is by invitation only. YOU
are NOW, being invited to join as a member.
Many of the member benefits are described on the Global Information Network website, and on the audio entitled “member benefits”. We encourage you to listen to the “member benefits” audio on the GIN
website for a more complete description of member benefits. Most member benefits however are confidential and revealed only to members in good standing. Ask the person who is inviting you to join about some of the confidential benefits of membership. When you understand all the privileges and benefits you receive by being a member, you will grasp that this invitation is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.

As a member you will learn how others have raised $10k cash in 24 hours, and made over $100k cash in just 30 days!  You will learn the secrets of how other members have made over $1 million dollars in just 6 months and how members have earned residual incomes of over $50k – $100k per month, month after month and month, without ever leaving their home.

You will learn how members get investment returns that the average person could never imagine. There are members who have made 50%, 75%, even up to 300%-3000% returns on their investments!  You will learn how members have turned a $1000 investment into over $1 million dollars in less than a year. That’ s the benefit of being “in the know.”

If you have goals and dreams, if you would like to pay off all your bills, if you imagine being financially secure, maybe you would like to quit your job and start a business of your own, maybe you have a dream car you’ve always wanted, or you’ve dreamed of travelling first class to exotic locations all around the world…..we believe you could make more money with the Global Information Network than you could ever imagine.

Imagine being totally debt free, and having all the money you want to do the things in life you always dreamed about. Imagine being your own boss and having total time freedom to do what you want, when you want. Imagine being able to associate personally with some of the most influential and wealthiest people in the world. Imagine having access to experts in various fields, celebrities, VIP events, as well as knowledge and information that is available nowhere else. This could be the greatest money making opportunity you have ever been exposed to in your lifetime.

Remember, this is totally ground floor. Timing is everything when it comes to making money. Getting in at the right time is never discussed as a secret to success because most people never have the chance to get in at the beginning or ground floor of a major opportunity.

YOU now have this chance.

In addition to all the major exclusive benefits of membership, The Global Information Network also
employs a totally new, revolutionary, and extremely powerful system to make money.  This unique system is explained on the Global Information Network website on the audio entitled “how to make money with GIN.”

Please review it thoroughly.  Also ask the person who is inviting you to join to give you more details and answer any questions you may have. When you understand the powerful money making system that is part of the Global Information Network, you may get so excited, that you will have a hard time sleeping tonight.

We encourage you to apply for membership in the Global Information Network today. Talk to the person who invited you to join.
**Review all the information on the Global Information Network website.

**Listen to all the audios on the website.

**Read the comments on the website from current members.

Get a full understanding of the benefits of membership. And get full information on the powerful money making system. With the Global Information Network, you could create a perpetual money making machine.

If you have questions or need further clarification on any issue about the Global Information Network or its money making system, please talk to the person that is inviting you to join. Apply today for membership or join as a free affiliate. Simply go to the Global Information Network website and click Join now. Fill out the short application.  Do it today. You sponsor code ID is: happyhappy

Remember, you have been handpicked and hand selected to become a new member in the Global Information Network. You truly are special.  Wealth can be yours. Emotional well being can be yours. Financial freedom is within your reach. Dynamic vibrant health and prosperity for you is now at hand.

Take complete control of your life and learn how to manifest your every personal and financial wish, plus much, much more. Receive the original 12 CD’s plus 2 Bonus CD’s for a total of 14 CD’s!

The event was so exclusive that attendees paid OVER $10,000 to attend and traveled from every continent around the world to get this information. And when it ended, everyone said it was not only the best $10,000 they ever spent, they said it changed their lives.

If you want to know the same information that these wealthy and successful people learned during this setting then purchase your own copy of “Your Wish Is Your Command”  — We can loan you a set to listen to FREE!

Members include highly accomplished leaders from a large variety of industrial, financial, social and political sectors. Many members have major professional accomplishments, academic accolades and worldwide reputations and achievements. Members share a desire to help other members share knowledge, connections, expertise, and mentor those members are who are serious of taking charge of their own destinies, achieving wealth, gaining financial freedom, experiencing dynamic health, and reach high levels of overall emotional well-being.


The Best Program on Prosperity Consciousness and Manifesting I’ve Ever Listened To!!! I discovered this course via an email I received from Joe Vitale. I happen to be on Joe’s email list. In the email, Joe talked about how he met Kevin Trudeau and his wife for dinner. During that meeting, Mr. Trudeau gave Joe a copy of the course.

Joe went on to explain that it was one of the best programs on the Law Of Attraction and Manifesting that he’s ever listened to. Joe said that he took lots of notes and he gave the course his full endorsement. Joe even went so far as to say that he’s not an affiliate of the program and that he’s endorsing it just because it’s that good.

Well, I decided to order the program. I’ve been a student of prosperity consciousness and personal development for years. I’ve read Think & Grow Rich many times, beginning in college. I’ve also read some other great books such as Working With The Law by Raymond Holliwell and Three Magic Words by US Andersen, both of which talk about the Law of Attraction.

First let me say this. The information Mr. Trudeau presents is not new. It’s just that you may have not heard of this before, unless you are a voracious reader. Secondly, this information is not his information. He learned and applied it to his life over the years and he’s gotten some amazing results.

This program brought a lot of clarity to me about why I attracted things I wanted and why I created things I didn’t want. Mr. Trudeau did a phenomenal job in explaining the Law of Attraction and the concept of Vibrational Frequency. He also did a wonderful job in explaining the history of Secret Societies. Now most of these societies are not-so-secret but what their members have been taught has remained secret..until now.

One of the Secret Societies he mentions is Skull & Bones, which is a well-known society at Yale University. George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. are members as well as Senator John Kerry, just to name a few. There’s even a movie out called The Good Shepherd starring Matt Damon that talks about Skull & Bones and how they operate.

In addition to that, he quotes Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein about how our brains are transmitters and receivers of frequencies that can be picked up by other brains and affect physical matter. This concept is discussed in Think & Grow Rich and Law of Success by Napoleon Hill. I thought his explanation was simple and easy-to-grasp.

What I found fascinating was the opposition to Law of Success and Think And Grow Rich when they came out in the 1920s. It was strikingly similar to the backlash the book The Secret experienced. I won’t go into the entire explanation
that Mr. Trudeau presented. You’ll just have to find out for yourself :->

What I really like about this program is that the information on the CDs is enough for anyone to dramatically change their life for the better..IF they consciously apply it. Mr. Trudeau gives you the OPTION of reading a list of books that he endorses and recommends(that are not his) and if anyone is interested, they can join The Global Information Network to get additional books and audios if they want to go further in learning the technology.

I am well aware of Mr. Trudeau’s past and some of the negative comments on the internet. Well,I’m glad that I ignored them and invested in the program. In fact, I’ve listened to it 18 times already. I was one of the people who ordered the program for $39.95 per month for 10 months and I am very happy with my purchase. I’ve invested thousands of dollars in seminars, two by Tony Robbins, and I didn’t receive nearly as much value as I received from this course.

So, for me, spending $399 for this course was a bargain. I highly recommend this program to anyone who’s looking to tap into their limitless potential.

Best of Luck To You,
John Hinds (

  • Hang around like minded people– You will always pick the thought patterns of the people you are around the most. In Your Wish is Your Command Kevin Trudeau explains that your income will match the average income of you 5 best-friends. Being around like minded people will make you happier and more focused. This is also an important secret to success.
  • Read Everyday– Reading books will help you build your belief on the law of attraction. Reading at least a page a day will work wonders on your mood.
  • Dance – exercising can lift your mood and prevent depression. Dancing gives you a incredible sense of achievement as you master the most complex of moves. Finding something you can enjoy and that you can see and feel your improvement at with practice. This in return will give your confidence an enormous boost.
  • Listen to cds Listen to cd-audios over and over by people that have physical proof of what you want. This will improve you results without being misguided.
  • Singing – Studies how long proven that singing can improve you well-being. It have an amazing affect on us physically and mentally. Improving lung capacity, making us more confident, increase feelings of relaxation and improves posture. Research also proves that it can relieve us of asthma and its symptoms.
  • Smile As Often As Possible – Research shows that smiling makes you feel better and frowning makes you funny bad. Even when you smile you are less sensitive to physical and emotional pain. Smiling instantly makes you feel better and it is something that you can start doing now.

FREE to join GIN as an affiliate– Join under Yoli Arosemena and we will all help you have the success you desire in any area of your life!

We at the Reiki Ranch teach how to become rich using the Law of Attraction….


The Secret Behind Reiki!

This is your energy body

This is your energy body

Reiki Training: The Secret Teaching They Don’t Want You to Discover!
Is there really a secret teaching?  Is it in plain sight and just …not taught to the public as a general rule?

Reiki Training question: Is the Law of Gravity a secret?  No.  It works whether anyone understands it or not.

Your energy chakra body

It is the same with The Law Of Attraction.  It works in your life — 100% of the time whether you are aware of it or not.  Simply stated:  “The Law Of Attraction operates in a specific way; anything you put your attention on with passion – you’ll get.”  If you don’t give it precise instructions such as stating what your goal or wish list is, it considers your random thoughts and self-talk as your “want list.”  The Law Of Attraction likes to complete your wishes.

Example:  If you are really passionate about “NEVER wanting to be married to someone like that again” or “NEVER wanting a date (partner) like that again” the result is …you’ll soon have someone just as bad or worse in your life.

Reiki Training: Here’s why:  Focusing on that type of person with passion draws them to you – over and over!  Your  life manager always wants to give you a plus on your desires so the new one may be even worse.  You thought about what  “you didn’t want” in such a positive manner that the skids were greased to manifest that desire.

Do you get the idea?  Only focus energy on what you DO WANT. Don’t even tell your friends “what you don’t want.”  Don’t talk about, don’t tell others and don’t think about “what you don’t want.”  Just putting your attention on that will start drawing it toward you.

Have you heard:  “What you fear will come to pass?”  That is how the things you fear are drawn to you.  It’s your attention and your strong passion about it.

The Law Of Attraction will deliver your fears to you …even easier than your dreams.  We usually don’t have the necessary level of passion with our dreams or goals to start the mechanical process of their attraction toward us.

The door to abundant prosperity is yours

The door to abundant prosperity is yours

What most Reiki Masters overlook in their Reiki Training is the Law of Attraction: What does The Law Of Attraction mean to you? Do you think of it as: “positive thinking?”  Well, that may be a good start but that’s only 20% of it.  “The Secret” is about your reason for being here in the first place.  What do you think that might be?  Why are you here? Could you just be here to have experiences?  Do you really have free will to have any kind of experience you can think of?  Will your life manager help you do that?
Opening to the most powerful part of yourself:  “Do you think about your relationship with “all that is” – and the power of your own connection with Source?  You can learn to use the power and energy of the Universe and be at one with that power.  It will  truly change your life from struggle to Bliss!

The Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 classes you may have been learning are providing you with a simple way to open the connection to the deepest and most powerful part of yourself.  When you apply these teachings as given at the Reiki Ranch Energy Healing School with your whole heart you will have a deep understanding beyond logic – beyond words.

Can you allow that higher vibration to come into your body, mind and soul?  To start the flow simply say: “I Allow. I Allow, I Allow!” and breathe deeply and bring in the golden bright light with each breath.  Breathe out struggle, problems, stress and tension. Breathe in joy, joy, and joy.
If you do not understand the affect of the Law Of Attraction in your life, it will cause problems that seem to appear for no reason.  If your life is like a ship on the high seas without a rudder, you are disconnected from Source energy.  Your direction in life depends upon your relationship with Source energy.

Reiki energy flows out of our hands to heal

Reiki energy flows out of our hands to heal

Reiki energy flows out of our hands to heal yourself and others. It is easy to learn and use to make your life better.

A Reiki Master at the Reiki Ranch and a Reiki Master in Panama have teamed up and they are teaching the law of attraction in connection with others who also think it is time to share more love and light on Earth.

We at the Reiki Ranch teach the Law of Attraction where we went from living in the woods to a beautiful retreat center worth over a million dollars.

Reiki Ranch Class

Reiki Ranch Class

From studying the LOA, this  will put you in a great position to move forward in life.

Reiki Masters at the school will help you in learning the Law of Attraction.  You can become successful in any field.

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Reiki Symbol

Reiki Symbol

Many of you are asking the following questions
what is this Reiki element all about ?
how can we heal ourselves through love ?
how can we do this ?
what must be done ?

I will answer your questions one by one .

1. What is Reiki element all about ?

The Answer is very simple:

It’s all about Love .

Love heals, Reiki is LOVE

Love heals, Reiki is LOVE

2. How can we Heal ourselves through Love ?

If love is what unites everything in the universe
If love is what unites you with others … Family, Friends , colleagues etc..
If Love is what gives us happiness and joy
If Love is God (Himself , Herself, and/or Itself) then why do you need a Doctor

Don’t you know that the lack of Love can make you sad , depressed and sick
Don’t you know that love is what you seek all your life
Dont you know that without love you live in fear
Don’t you know that without love you are lonely
Don’t you know that because this world lacks love there are wars , racism and hate
Dont you know that without Love there will be no peace in this world nor within yourselves

Why do you think our God sent all his Messengers and Prophets to Mother Earth ?

Don’t you think they all were sent to teach and makes us aware of LOVE

3. How can we heal ourselves through Love ?

let me ask you a question , How did Jesus do all the healing on people ?
Through his hand energy , or the energy of the universe or through the God within
Explain it the way you want but don’t forget that welter it is the universe energy or
God Within….. It’s all LOVE .

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

4. How can we do this ?

By being this Element yourselves, By becoming Love .

5. What must be done to become Love ?

I will answer this question in my next message for you.

In love we trust and Unite
Maya Najem

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Take a Reiki Course. Visit the Reiki Ranch

Your body is a magnificent creation

News papers, TV and the media, medical establishment, and drug manufacturers portray illness as complex, difficult problems, usually only solved by an expensive mixture of drugs. Expensive Drugs which of course they and they alone can manufacture. It is all about getting your money through scare tactics.

The truth is much different.

Your body is a magnificent creation which if given the proper nutrition, water, air and rest naturally gravitates towards optimum health and vitality. Vitality also means keeping a high vibrational frequency. Reiki Helps raise the frequency by giving you Source energy and Light.

In fact, there are only 5 basic concepts that you have to master in order to live your life painfree and full of energy. Check out the Reiki Ranch at Blogspot.

I know, because my own descent into the agonizing world of depression, pain and degeneration motivated me years ago to learn how to heal and maintain a healthy physique…

By reading related articles on our websites, you will come to understand that illness is caused by stuck emotions, oversupply of toxins or deficiency of nutrients. You will learn about homeostatic balance and how to achieve it.

Today you can do something about your health. Do you know the three best ways to improve your health? Statistically most significant changes you can make are:

  • stop smoking
  • eat healthy food (live and organic)
  • light exercise
  • meditate – go within and seek silence
  • Take a Reiki course

Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III

  1. Reiki 1 — First Degree Reiki: –Position of Reiki, this is primarily for giving physical (hands-on / hand hovering over the body) and etheric healings. It has a tremendous ability to balance and harmonize the chakras (energy centers in the body). Reiki I will remove negative energy from a person’s auric field, relieve stress, and heal the physical body of dis-eases in general. (Many students take these workshops over and over because of the healings they receive while doing the workshops.)

    Learn to beam Love and Light

    Learn to beam Love and Light

  2. Reiki 2 — Second Degree Reiki: –This Reiki energy adds healing on the mental and emotional levels. The first-degree energy is enhanced and amplified greatly, and the student is taught how to send the healing energy over long distances and to other points in time. The student learns techniques for using the Reiki symbols (sofeware for the brain) to cleanse and protect the aura (an invisible etheric energy field around the physical body.) The symbols can be used to remove bad energy from your home or office. The second-degree techniques are used to facilitate deep emotional healing, which is often the true cause of dis-ease.
  3. Reiki 3 —   Third Degree Reiki: –Reiki Master- This is very spiritual in nature and deals with self-empowerment. The Master level (third degree) amplifies both the first and second-degree energy to its highest levels. It integrates one’s being and initiates a more complete contact with your Higher Self. Reiki Masters can teach others and give Reiki I, II, and III attunements.

Everyone — Young And Old — Can Give Reiki Energy Healings


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