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In May 2008 I stopped for a visit to the Reiki Ranch in Adna, Washington during their four-day Reiki Retreat.  I had several tasks and activities planned for this weekend, offering individual short sessions for those interested in a clairvoyant reading.


When I arrived I noticed a hummingbird in the tree above my car.  He chattered to me, and I smiled and gave thanks.  Then he flew to a branch closer to me, and chattered again.  “You have a job to do”, he said.  “Well, I’m sure at some point I will know what that will be”, I replied.


I gathered my papers and notebook from my car, and when I glanced down I noticed the clover growing in the grass.  Just a few days earlier I had found six four-leaf clovers during my walks.  I wondered if I would find another today.  The answer was “no, you have a job to do”.  Okay, I suppose now I should put some attention on what is asked of me. 


I focused on the property and the elemental energies.  The earth spoke out to me, telling me to shift my energy.  “Shift to what?” I asked.  I had a wonderful meditation a few days prior that I found to be newly enriching, but it came so easily that I did not give thought to its value.  But the earth spoke out to me, telling me to continue to use this new earth energy and bring it into the consciousness of the group attending the workshop. 


A few hours later I was sitting outside in a patio area, talking with attendee’s of the class, and something pulled my attention toward that same tree.  I saw many little birds flying around the area above my car, and from their erratic flight pattern I knew they were hummingbirds.  I had not seen so many together like this before.  Then they were gone.  “You have a job to do”, they said.  I promised to focus on the task given to me. 


Story continued in “Healing the Planet One Tree at a Time: You have a Job to Do” (part 2 of 4)


Estee Taschereau is a Successful Living Coach and Intuitive Counselor and a Reiki Master in traditional Reiki and Laser Reiki.   Her websites include HummingbirdShaman and  Private phone appointments are available for informational & self-healing assistance sessions. 

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