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“The earth wants to change the energy here”, I shared with Taylore, the Reiki Master co-teaching the Reiki Retreat at Reiki Ranch this weekend.  Taylore listened, not knowing what this meant or where it would lead.  That’s okay, for I didn’t know what it would include either!  “Well you have a big group of Reiki students here this weekend, why don’t you lead them in a meditation?”, she replied. 


Great!  My mind still drew a blank.  I’ll know when I need to know, that’s all there was to it.  I knew I was to “hold space” for a shift in the earth energies these students would experience.  My role was to introduce enough information to these people to give them focus and introduction to this energy, and then let them move about in a controlled, safe space and experience the flow. 


The guest speaker in the class remained through the rest of the afternoon, and then we shifted into social dinner time.  There was always tomorrow.  I still had little idea of what I would share with this group. 


The next morning I was late in my arrival, the class started an hour or so earlier.  No worries.  I saw Taylore in her office, and we exchanged smiles as she turned toward me with her phone up to her ear.  “Whenever you are ready to lead a meditation, just come to the classroom”, she stated, and she returned to her class. 


It’s time for action, I thought.  “I’d better get a little clearer definition of my energy”.  I knew that I was not going to accomplish this task sitting in front of a computer, its far too distracting.  Not only that, but both Taylore and Roi came up the stairs and into the office within the few minutes that I teetered between computers and self-awareness.  “I’ll take this as a hint, step away from the computers!!”, I thought, and walked down the stairs and out to the chairs outside. 


As I neared the chairs I became more aware of my energy.  Yes, I had made the computers and “work” my focal point, not my energy, or in this case the blocks in my energy.  I sat in the chair, and immediately I knew this was not the right approach this time.  The trees called out to me.  It was time to change the energy, and that meant healing me first, with the guidance of the earth.  Without hesitation I jumped up from the chair and headed for the orchard.


Story continued in “Healing the Planet One Tree at a Time: You have a Job to Do” (part 2 of 4)


Estee Taschereau is a Successful Living Coach and Intuitive Counselor and a Reiki Master in traditional Reiki and Laser Reiki.   Her websites include HummingbirdShaman and  Private phone appointments are available for informational & self-healing assistance sessions.

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