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Choosing a Method for Self Healing

There are many methods and techniques for energy workers to use, some are long-time established methods such as Usui Reiki, and some are variations or new techniques like Laser Reiki. How do you choose what method of energy healing to use for your own self healing or healing practice?

Be grateful and you will run very high energy

Be grateful and you will run very high energy

Reiki Healing increases its power with you being Grateful of everything.

We use Reiki Healing, using both traditional Usui Reiki and the Laser Reiki techniques we have developed, which grew from the traditional Reiki methods we have practiced for years. We have seen many amazing healings and healing miracles come from these methods. Attunement as a Reiki Master can be a long-term learning process, but the training and certification is really very easy to obtain.

shine-your-light for Energy Healing

shine-your-light for Energy Healing




There are other methods and modalities available. Some are easy to understand and practice, others are more esoteric and unusual. The best approach to take is using your own intuition and comfort as a gauge for choosing the methods you will practice.

You may choose to use many healing and energy awareness methods as a healer. Cosmic  energy healing with Laser Reiki is the most amazing method because it accesses other lifetimes and clears blockages immediately without hypnotism.

Isn’t the goal to feel stronger, healthier, and happy?

Does it matter if you walk, run, drive or ride to get to that place you want to be?

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