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Your body is a magnificent creation

News papers, TV and the media, medical establishment, and drug manufacturers portray illness as complex, difficult problems, usually only solved by an expensive mixture of drugs. Expensive Drugs which of course they and they alone can manufacture. It is all about getting your money through scare tactics.

The truth is much different.

Your body is a magnificent creation which if given the proper nutrition, water, air and rest naturally gravitates towards optimum health and vitality. Vitality also means keeping a high vibrational frequency. Reiki Helps raise the frequency by giving you Source energy and Light.

In fact, there are only 5 basic concepts that you have to master in order to live your life painfree and full of energy. Check out the Reiki Ranch at Blogspot.

I know, because my own descent into the agonizing world of depression, pain and degeneration motivated me years ago to learn how to heal and maintain a healthy physique…

By reading related articles on our websites, you will come to understand that illness is caused by stuck emotions, oversupply of toxins or deficiency of nutrients. You will learn about homeostatic balance and how to achieve it.

Today you can do something about your health. Do you know the three best ways to improve your health? Statistically most significant changes you can make are:

  • stop smoking
  • eat healthy food (live and organic)
  • light exercise
  • meditate – go within and seek silence
  • Take a Reiki course

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