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Turn back the aging clock?

Want to turn back the clock of aging? Want to destroy disease in your body?

Reiki training helps you do this and it prepares you to go ahead and move into higher consciousness!

You must make yourself your chief aim and  focus on expanding your consciousness that, too! 

turn back the clock

turn back the clock

What does that mean? If you don’t put yourself out there as an important person – then the universe does not take good care of you.

What if you decide that your body does not have to age?

You can turn back the clock of aging. This reality called life on earth is not set in stone for your body to grow old, to grow sick, and die

All you have to do is to make yourself important in your life. You make your thoughts positive in such a way that you change the programming of growing old and dying the body.  You change the DNA of your body by the thoughts you think.

You are worth it!

We can do this.

We have classes teaching you how to flow Source energy at the Alternative Resources Directory for the NW.

When you are even more connected to the Universe your thoughts are manifested. Yes, your connection To God brings you what you are thinking.

That could be a little scary!  Anything you put your thoughts on expand into a bigger picture.

Why do people think so many negative thoughts that put them down in consciousness?  Why are we not taught the truths  of ” thoughts are things”?  Many great teachers have brought abundance, health, and well-being into their own lives – just by thinking thoughts that are uplifting. So whatever you think about yourself, about life and about others  – may come into being.

What are you thinking? Are you looking around at others, older people in your family, and you are seeing them grow older and older, sicker and sicker and you wonder if this is your destiny too? Remember we manifest the pictures that we hold in our mind. What if you decide to listen to the Masters who are teaching us on the inner channels that we do have control over this virtual reality that we call life on earth?

When you change your mind about growing old it takes a little effort to do this. By changing your mind and reprogramming your thoughts about growing old you are actually rewriting your DNA for eternal youth. In history there has been some people who have reprogrammed their ideas about what age the body will be, what age the body will look like, and have such a conviction that their body does not age.  If your body is already aging then this same conviction could also make your body grow younger.

Why should we come in to this world and to experience the human body that quickly ages and grows old? It doesn’t make sense to have such a short life and it is certainly not too happy for those who have bought into the whole idea – that the body ages and get sick and dies.

You were never born and and you never die –  as the saying goes. What can you really do about your body aging? I would suggest from my own experience and from my own research that the human body responds to thoughts. So what can you do?

  1.  study Reiki

    study Reiki and learn how to use the Law of Attraction to grow younger

    study Reiki and learn how to use the Law of Attraction to grow younger

  2.  study other people who have turned back the tides of aging
  3.  go within and ask for help
  4.  listen to channel entities who have more knowledge such as Kryon on Youtube — for 2016.

If one of us can do this we can all do it. You must make yourself important enough to dedicate the time to learn and turn back the clock.

By Taylore Vance


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