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People’s Hands Cure Disease, Pain, Just By Touching

first of all people’s hands with the energy flowing out of the palms will raise the frequency and when you place those hands on yourself are on another person it is a science law:

  1.  when the frequency is raised the pain disappears
  2.  low vibrational frequency opens the door for bacteria and energy blockages to enter the body
  3.  health and well-being are natural to humans along with the higher energy
  4.  it is a very mechanical process
    1.  the hands have a vortex that emits God force energy
    2.  when  those hands are placed on yourself or another individual it raises the supply of God force energy
    3. the higher the energy  – the more peace, harmony, and joy a person feels
    4.  sickness is low-energy accompanied by energy blockages and pain
    5.  Reiki supplies and adds a large volume of healing energy via the hands
  5.  so you can see that a higher energy flow causes happiness, health, and well-being.hands-on-healing

I heard about people healing others just using their hands and I wanted to do that myself. After going to an introductory class about what is energy healing, how would it work to remove  pain and to clear negative energy blockages I thought I have found a bird nest on the ground. It really is pretty to think amazing that a person just using their hands could alleviate sickness and disease!healing hands

I found a Reiki class and signed up to take my first class and it cost me at least $250.

My teacher was a Reiki Master and she had been running this energy healing, as well, as teaching classes for many years. I noticed since I was just beginning, that I did not feel I had the results that my teacher had. It was sad when I felt I didn’t have the abilities she said I was supposed to have. My teacher told me that I must take the additional classes if I want to be like her and run that high-energy through my hands to heal myself and to heal others.

Well, two years later… after I completed that, I still couldn’t get the results I  thought I was supposed too have!

My teacher encouraged me to complete my training and…  She told me that if I completed the NEXT level, I will finally get more results I was supposed to obtain…


Fortunately, I’m Kind Of a Person Who Refuses To Give Up no matter what is happening! I went within and talked to my spirit. I was then guided on the correct healing path for me. You cannot take someone else’s advice Even though they are trying their best, because you have the best inner guidance system within you. You have the kingdom within you where you go in your meditations and receive exactly what you need for living your outer life to a higher potential.

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

Reiki is an ancient practice of healing the body with Source energy. You do not use any of your own energy.

A good way to start off –  learning to heal yourself and help take away the pain and disease – is taking a free Reiki one certification class at the Reiki Ranch near Chehalis Washington.

Here’s a link to sign up for a free Reiki one certification class
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