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Reiki Symbol

Reiki Symbol

Many of you are asking the following questions
what is this Reiki element all about ?
how can we heal ourselves through love ?
how can we do this ?
what must be done ?

I will answer your questions one by one .

1. What is Reiki element all about ?

The Answer is very simple:

It’s all about Love .

Love heals, Reiki is LOVE

Love heals, Reiki is LOVE

2. How can we Heal ourselves through Love ?

If love is what unites everything in the universe
If love is what unites you with others … Family, Friends , colleagues etc..
If Love is what gives us happiness and joy
If Love is God (Himself , Herself, and/or Itself) then why do you need a Doctor

Don’t you know that the lack of Love can make you sad , depressed and sick
Don’t you know that love is what you seek all your life
Dont you know that without love you live in fear
Don’t you know that without love you are lonely
Don’t you know that because this world lacks love there are wars , racism and hate
Dont you know that without Love there will be no peace in this world nor within yourselves

Why do you think our God sent all his Messengers and Prophets to Mother Earth ?

Don’t you think they all were sent to teach and makes us aware of LOVE

3. How can we heal ourselves through Love ?

let me ask you a question , How did Jesus do all the healing on people ?
Through his hand energy , or the energy of the universe or through the God within
Explain it the way you want but don’t forget that welter it is the universe energy or
God Within….. It’s all LOVE .

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

4. How can we do this ?

By being this Element yourselves, By becoming Love .

5. What must be done to become Love ?

I will answer this question in my next message for you.

In love we trust and Unite
Maya Najem

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Choosing a Method for Self Healing

There are many methods and techniques for energy workers to use, some are long-time established methods such as Usui Reiki, and some are variations or new techniques like Laser Reiki. How do you choose what method of energy healing to use for your own self healing or healing practice?

Be grateful and you will run very high energy

Be grateful and you will run very high energy

Reiki Healing increases its power with you being Grateful of everything.

We use Reiki Healing, using both traditional Usui Reiki and the Laser Reiki techniques we have developed, which grew from the traditional Reiki methods we have practiced for years. We have seen many amazing healings and healing miracles come from these methods. Attunement as a Reiki Master can be a long-term learning process, but the training and certification is really very easy to obtain.

shine-your-light for Energy Healing

shine-your-light for Energy Healing




There are other methods and modalities available. Some are easy to understand and practice, others are more esoteric and unusual. The best approach to take is using your own intuition and comfort as a gauge for choosing the methods you will practice.

You may choose to use many healing and energy awareness methods as a healer. Cosmic  energy healing with Laser Reiki is the most amazing method because it accesses other lifetimes and clears blockages immediately without hypnotism.

Isn’t the goal to feel stronger, healthier, and happy?

Does it matter if you walk, run, drive or ride to get to that place you want to be?

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Flood Water Damage – Lewis County, WA

The Great Flood in Lewis County, WA

Past Life Karma May Be Hurting You

Do you find that your life is more difficult than normal? Your life manager (your subconscious mind) may be protecting you or blocking you because of a past life situation.

You may find that you were punished in a past life for healing or teaching spiritual principles. Many students are finding this to be true, and your past life karma can be cleared. It is especially easy to clear this with Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing (Levels 4 and 5 of your Reiki training).

Others feared their power never realizing that it is a natural and spiritual birthright ability. Spiritual power is not supernatural—it is one of your natural abilities. Accept this!

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Time Is Speeding Up!

Times have changed. In fact, time is speeding up! There is a worldwide need to train as many people as possible in Reiki. Even more practitioners are needed to bring this life-giving energy into the physical world. You have chosen an important time to begin working with Life force energies. The most exciting expansion of human consciousness that our world has ever experi-enced is happening right now. You will expand your energy as a Light Being and help lead others in the times to come.

The Internet and the Information Age is creating a fast-paced world that can be exciting and challenging. As time is speeding up, this cycle may be coming to an end and you will see an even larger split between the dark and the Light forces. Many people are experiencing higher levels of stress in daily life because of the actions of our government, other governments, terror-ists, germ warfare, inflation, the stock market, job lay-offs, unsafe investments, and bad behavior of corporate officers.

In order to cope with life today, more people need to learn and use Reiki. With the advent of the World Wide Web, information about Reiki is reaching a broader audience than ever before. Dozens of Internet sites have been posted offering to send and teach Reiki. The Inter-national Center for Reiki Training states: The purpose of our organization is to help everyone use Reiki more effectively to create balance and harmony in our lives. We live in what is perhaps the most interesting of times and there are now many more opportunities for personal and spiritual growth than ever before. By working together and allowing Reiki to guide us, we can improve the quality of life on the planet for everyone and enable global consciousness to move quickly to a new and higher level.

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Reiki is simply the laying-on-of-hands healing and is pronounced ray-key. Reiki energy healing is a spiritual healing technique which involves, but is not limited to, the laying on of hands. It was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan, and is thought to have originated thousands of years ago. A very simple, yet powerful healing art, you can use on yourself as well as on others. You can easily learn how to do it. Even children are inclined toward Reiki and use it to help them cope with the outside world. No previous knowledge or training is required to attend a Reiki Training workshop.

Reiki is derived from two Japanese words:

rei — meaning soul or spirit

ki — meaning life force energy

Reiki is easy to learn and use. Reiki is Universal energy that seems to have its own consciousness (it follows Universal Law), and is able to provide exactly what is needed on all levels. Traditionally, Reiki has been taught in three degrees or levels. A specific attunement for each degree of training is passed down from Reiki master to student.

To become a Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3, or beyond, the student-practitioner receives an attunement from a Reiki master in person. (It is possible for a master to send the attunements over a distance to the student.) The teachings and attunements are passed down from master to student in a series of classes or workshops. (Check out our schedule of free in-person Reiki I Certification classes)

Reiki is a simple Universal (God Force) energy with healing techniques used by age-old masters. Respect the healing energy because it is coming directly from the Universal energy currents. Acknowledge the sacredness of learning this information. The attunements will enhance inborn abilities and enable students to pass Reiki energy along to others.

Reiki is beyond all our human divisions. It is neither cult, nor religion, nor belief system. Even though Reiki is not a religion, it is spiritual in nature and connects you to the Source Energy that most people call God or the Universe. Besides the obvious use in serious illness, Reiki actively promotes the healing process in many other ways. It acts not only on physical levels, but also addresses mental, emotional, psychological, genetic, and energetic imbalances. Reiki is entirely compatible with other therapies, healing modalities, and treat-ments. Many nurses and other health caregivers are adding Reiki to their skills.


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