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Reiki Symbol

Reiki Symbol

Many of you are asking the following questions
what is this Reiki element all about ?
how can we heal ourselves through love ?
how can we do this ?
what must be done ?

I will answer your questions one by one .

1. What is Reiki element all about ?

The Answer is very simple:

It’s all about Love .

Love heals, Reiki is LOVE

Love heals, Reiki is LOVE

2. How can we Heal ourselves through Love ?

If love is what unites everything in the universe
If love is what unites you with others … Family, Friends , colleagues etc..
If Love is what gives us happiness and joy
If Love is God (Himself , Herself, and/or Itself) then why do you need a Doctor

Don’t you know that the lack of Love can make you sad , depressed and sick
Don’t you know that love is what you seek all your life
Dont you know that without love you live in fear
Don’t you know that without love you are lonely
Don’t you know that because this world lacks love there are wars , racism and hate
Dont you know that without Love there will be no peace in this world nor within yourselves

Why do you think our God sent all his Messengers and Prophets to Mother Earth ?

Don’t you think they all were sent to teach and makes us aware of LOVE

3. How can we heal ourselves through Love ?

let me ask you a question , How did Jesus do all the healing on people ?
Through his hand energy , or the energy of the universe or through the God within
Explain it the way you want but don’t forget that welter it is the universe energy or
God Within….. It’s all LOVE .

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

Your heart is beaming out light and LOVE

4. How can we do this ?

By being this Element yourselves, By becoming Love .

5. What must be done to become Love ?

I will answer this question in my next message for you.

In love we trust and Unite
Maya Najem

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